Brownie Talk

All of our talks are now available on Zoom

Our talks are free, which we are happy to give to Brownie packs.  We only ask for a small donation towards travelling costs if it is outside a 20 mile radius of Abingdon.

We have a maximum of 25 Brownies for these talks.  There is no minimum number.

(Photo shown with permission)

The talk takes the form of a PowerPoint presentation interspersed with activities and games.  The talks lasts for 1 hour.  We also bring a small display of original memorabilia for the girls to look at.

Setting up
We need a minimum of 30 minutes to set up for the talk.

What we will provide
Projector, stand, screen
A small display of 1940s memorabilia
All items for the activities

What we need
Post Code and clear directions to the hall.
Contact details including phone number of the leader
4 x 6ft tables (if this is not possible we can bring 2 tables, but need advance notice).
Electric point
Help packing up and transporting to the car is much appreciated.
Cup of tea!

How do I book a talk?
In the first instance please send us an e-mail stating your interest and if you have date in mind.  We will then contact you, giving you full information and ask you to fill out a booking form.  Once we have confirmed your talk we will contact you again about a week before the talk to make sure everyone is happy.

1940s Brownies
The following topics are covered

  • How long ago WW2 was.
  • Brownie uniform changes over the last 81 years
  • What life was like for children during the war. (Air raids, Home Life, Gas Masks, School, Playtime and toys, Entertainment, Helping at home)
  • Joining Brownies
  • Getting Ready for Brownies
  • The Golden Bar – what Brownies had to do to get their Golden Bar badge. (Setting the Table, the Union Flag, Sewing, Knots, Health Rules)
  • The Golden Hand – what Brownies had to do to get their Golden Hand badge, to become a first class Brownie.
  • What Brownies did to help win the war (including the story about them doing secret work for MI9)


Air Raid:  After talking about air raids the Brownies are warned that at some point the air raid siren will be sounded and they will have to go to a shelter (tables covered with cloths).  During the air raid there are quite loud sounds, but they will be told that when they are in the shelter they will be completely safe.  Previous groups have loved this and they all wanted to do it again!

The Golden Bar:  Three activities will be set up around the room (setting a table, nature test and flag test).  Each six will be asked to go to a table and perform the activity then rotate to the next test when finished.  We need 2 helpers for this. (works very well with 3 sixes e.g.18)

1940s Recycling:  The Brownies will be asked to stand in the middle of the room, items will be shown on the screen and they will be asked to move left or right depending on whether they think this is true or false.  

The Golden Hand:  The Brownies love this one!  We ask the leaders to step up and see if they can do all of the requirements for the Golden Hand badge (don’t worry, you don’t have to actually do this, just stand up if you can or sit down if you can’t).


We have had a lot of lovely comments about our talks, please see below:

1st Naphill Brownies Hello! Have been meaning to email and say how much Morwenna loved your brownies last week with the special speakers. She was captivated! And I had pretty much the whole evening repeated to me on the way home / getting ready for bed etc... and it was fascinating for me too. Smuggling spy maps in cotton reels - brownies raising the fire alarm etc as they were so responsible (she especially liked that bit!!). Thank you for organising such brilliant things for them. Lucky brownies!

2nd Tilehurst Brownies 
Thank so much both of you. Such a lovely evening. So interesting. I have already had some parents say how much their daughters enjoyed the evening. And I love my special badge

3rd Kennington Brownies
Dear Karen and Bret, thank you so much for making our Brownie meeting so enjoyable. I learn a lot of new things. I am sorry so many of our girls were away.. lots of coughs and colds at the moment. I have spread the word of how amazing you both were. Many thanks again.