Our Collection
We started collecting items for our display in September 2017.  

With only a few exceptions all are genuine 1940s items.

Below are details of the collection, but it is constantly growing.


Home living:  1940s radio, pipe rack, 1940s Teddy and small collection of toys, pig bin with salvage posters.

Collection of 1940s Underwear: Displayed on a washing line, with sheet music ‘We’re Going to Hang Out the Washing on the Zeigfried Line’.

1940s Office: Typewriter, card box, telephone, paper wrack.

Washing:  Washing board, tub, ironing board, electric and gas irons, soap and washing powders, possers.

UTP:  Upper Thames Patrol (River Home Guard). Display of information, photos and memorabilia along with a UTP re-enactor. (UTP were the first Home Guard unit to enrol women 1940)

Knitting and Crafts:  Ongoing demotions with finished items of wartime knitting and crochet from original patterns, rag rug making, shown by a WVS Housewives Service re-enactor.

Make do and Mend:  Sewing box with cottons and threads, demonstration of darning.

Rationing:  Display of a weekly ration of food for two people for a week.  Wartime tins and food packets.


Mannequins – All mannequins are dressed in original uniforms with accessories.

Utility Girl Guide Uniform Dress: Including belt and hat wearing a Civil Defence arm band.

ARP Woman:  Dressed in a very rare 1943 ARP women’s drivers uniform complete with helmet and gas mask.

St John Ambulance:  Dressed in full uniform, including tin hat, gas mask, first aid bag.

NFS Fireman: Dressed in a 1940s tunic, helmet belt and axe with gas mask.

Boy Scout Uniform: WW2 complete Boy Scout uniform.

Red Cross VAD Nurse: A complete 1940s nurse’s uniform shown collecting for a JWO Red Cross and St. John flag day.

1940s School Girl: With satchel, school books, annuals, lacrosse stick and pads.