Talks for Adults

All of our talks are now available on Zoom

Coronavirus Precautions

We have now done our first talk since lock-down and it was a great success.  We are very willing to comply with regulations of the group and the hall and will wear face masks while setting up/clearing away, face shields while giving the talk and use hand sanitisers, following Government recommendations.  We will still bring a small display to accompany our talks, but ask the audience not to touch as it is almost impossible to sanitise some things.  


We have a number of talks on aspects of the Home Front in WW2 and can combine a talk with a small display appropriate to the subject.  All talks last approximately 1 hour.

Sadly our talks have been cancelled for this year, although we are hopeful that perhaps some might go ahead at the end of the year.  We are booking for 2021 now and with new talks and groups wanting to book missed talks this year it is well to book in advance.

We are happy to travel within a 30 mile radius of Goring-on-Thames, but may be willing to travel further so please ask.

We do not make a charge for Brownie groups or Schools, but ask for a donation of £30 towards travelling expenses and future research from other organisations.  All we require is a suitable hall with parking, half and hour to set up and a further half an hour to pack away.  

Talks for Groups:

We have given talks to many groups including WI and U3A.

Women’s Voluntary Service (WVS) from 1938 to 1945. The Army Hitler Forgot.
Over 1 million women volunteered during the Second World War, the largest voluntary force ever.  Why did the WVS start?  Who were the women who joined.  Not just tea and sympathy, learn about their work and some of the unexpected jobs they undertook.

Cost:  We ask for a donation of £30 to cover travel expenses.  

WW2 Rationing & Cooking for Victory
A Fair Share for All

During this entertaining talk, using very many original photographs, we explore why rationing was necessary in WW2, how the rationing system worked, what was on ration and what foods were off ration.  Some surprising things the Ministry of Food tried to get the British public to eat, some definitely didn’t take off, others became firm favourites. Discover the cost of eating out and find out how the British public kept the country going with the Dig for Victory campaign, keeping chickens, rabbits and pigs in their back gardens.

Fun and informative demonstrations help to understand how rations could be stretched, wartime recipes, how to save fuel by using a hay box and how to make a proper cup of tea.

Samples of wartime recipes can be available to taste.  Please note I have Food Hygiene and Allergy Awareness certificates.

Setting up, a minimum of 30 minutes
Talk duration 1 hour
Clear up time 30 minutes. 

Cost:  In addition to our requested donation of £30, if samples are required we ask for a further donation of £20 (up to 30 people, if over 30 people please ask). 

How the Brownies Helped Win the War
Suitable for adults and children over the age of 10. Discover how thousands of Brownies were trained for war work and even worked for MI9 to help win the war with information only recently available.

1940s Girl Guides
Suitable for adults and children over the age of 10.  The Girl Guides had such extensive training for war work from serving refreshments to doing serious work in hospitals.  Learn about the vital tasks they performed and secret work for the Government.

1940s Boy Scouts
Suitable for adults and children over the age of 10.  Learn about how the Scout training programme helped the Scouts with war work.  With special emphasis on how some Scouts were recruited into Churchill's Secret Army, the Auxiliers - spies and espionage.  Tales of bravery of Scouts during the war.

If you would like to book a talk or have any enquiries please e-mail us at

We have had lots of lovely comments from out talks, please see below:

Cheddington WI (Women’s Voluntary Service)
Thank you so much for the fabulous presentation on Thursday evening.  It was so interesting, we had no idea the WVS did so much during the Second World War. We have learnt so much and the presentation was truly first class. I am still receiving emails and text messages from my members saying how much they enjoyed the evening. They also loved the war memorabilia. Please share our feedback, because it was so much more than we were expecting, just great.

Riverside Trefoil Guild (Adult Brownies)
Thank very much for coming at such short notice. it was very enjoyable in deed, I have had lots of good feed back from our members.

Aston Clinton U3A (Women’s Voluntary Service)
Thank you both for such an interesting and informative talk today, we had lots of positive feedback from our members. We wish you well in your further endeavours



If you have a club or organisation who would like to see our display we are very happy to bring it to you.  We ask for a small donation to cover travel expenses.