Talks and Displays


We have a number of talks on aspects of the Home Front in WW2 and can combine a talk with a small display appropriate to the subject.  All talks last approximately 1 hour.

Our talks are proving to be very popular and we are booking well into 2020, so if you would like to book a talk please get in touch.

We do not make a charge for Brownie groups or Schools, but ask for a small donation towards travelling expenses and future research from other organisations.  All we require is a suitable hall with parking, half and hour to set up and a further half an hour to pack away.  

Talks for Brownie and Guide Groups:
1940s Brownies
This is a special talk devised to entertain and educate Brownie groups. What life was like for children during the war. Following the books and guidelines of the time discover what Brownies had to do to join, their tests and challenges. What did Brownies do for MI9 to help win the war.  Entertaining PowerPoint show with activities and display. Please note we have a maximum of 25 Brownies for this talk. Please click here for information for Brownie leaders.

1940s Girl Guides
It is astonishing that 750,000 Girl Guides were volunteered for war work. This entertaining and informative talk with PowerPoint presentation shows Guide groups what life was like for girls in the 1940s, the training the Guides received and how they used this for helping with the war effort.  It is interspersed with fun activities and thought provoking photos.  Please click here for information for Guide leaders.

General Talks for Groups:

Women’s Voluntary Service (WVS) from 1938 to 1945. The Army Hitler Forgot.
Over 1 million women volunteered during the Second World War, the largest voluntary force ever.  Why did the WVS start?  Who were the women who joined.  Not just tea and sympathy, learn about their work and some of the unexpected jobs they undertook.

How the Brownies Helped Win the War
Suitable for adults and children. Discover how thousands of Brownies were trained for war work and even worked for MI9 to help win the war with information only recently available.

Upper Thames Patrol
The story of the UTP who were the water borne Home Guard of WW2 from Letchlade to Teddington (non-tidal Thames). 6000 men and women volunteered. 

Royal Girl Guides
Learn how the young Royals as Girl Guides trained during WW2 with amusing stories and pictures. 

If you would like to book a talk or have any enquiries please e-mail us at


If you have a club or organisation who would like to see our display we are very happy to bring it to you (within a 25 mile radius of Abingdon, further distances can be discussed).